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The property featured on the right is located in Johnston, Rhode Island.  Responding to expanding needs and changing lifestyles, the 23-acre-Centre at Cherry Hill development, with its mix of shops, restaurants, residential condominiums and offices, is destined to become the new hub of this growing community.

The location, at the Atwood and Cherry Hill Avenues, is ideally suited for mixed use.  Creative site planning and building design have combined with a generous and carefully-considered landscaping plan to both distinguish the property and buffer it from neighboring schools, administration and public safety offices, and a nearby medical center and post office.

Wellington Park Shopping Center

Location: Cary, NC
Use: Shopping Center
Size: 147,000 sf

Located in Raleigh's most affluent southern suburb, this major strip shopping center is strategically located on Interstate 64, a short distance from Route 40, the circle road servicing the region's famed Research Triangle area.

Anchored by a Lowe's Food Store, the center is made up of a well-balanced mix of inline retailers and eateries, as well as a Cool Mountain Creamery out-parcel.

Warwick Commons 

Location: Warwick, RI
Use: Retail
Size: 5 acres

Located in the heart of Rhode Island's highest volume retail area, this convenient retail strip is strategically located directly across from the Warwick Mall at the convenient Interstate 295 connector to Route 2.

Originally anchored to the north by the state's only Filene's Basement store and to the south by its first Pizzeria Uno, Warwick Commons has become a destination shopping center for legions and a highly-desired location for brand and local retailers.

Super Stop & Shop

Location: Warwick, RI
Use: Retail
Size: 81,324 sf

This Super Stop & Shop consists of an 81,324 square feet of main floor sales area with offices and mechanical space located in both front and rear mezzanines. The prototype facade is consistent with the construction program required by the tenant during that period. Construction also involved installation of the latest technologies for energy management and data communications.

The development also consisted of about 8000 sf of retail strip mall that was redeveloped with a look-a-like storefront to maintain the architectural style of the anchor.

Super Stop & Shop

Location: North Kingstown, RI
Use: Retail
Size: 62,000 sf

This Super Stop & Shop consists of a 62,000 square feet of main floor sales area with offices and mechanical space located in both front and rear mezzanines. The prototype facade and building were consistent with the construction program required by the tenant. Construction also involved installation of the latest technologies for energy management and data communications.

The project also included 18,000 sf of retail space with a look-a-like storefront to maintain the architectural style of the anchor. The parking field is complemented by a generous and highly functional lighting and landscape design.

Shaw's Supermarket

Location: Johnston, RI
Use: Shopping Center
Size: 62,000 sf

This supermarket project involved construction of a new Shaw's prototype floorplan and brick storefront. Engineering and site preparation for this difficult sloping site required ledge removal and major cut and fill, as well as the erection of a substantial decorative retaining wall along the Route 6 (Hartford Avenue) frontage.

Dual access is provided to the supermarket from both Hartford and Atwood Avenues with entry and egress controlled by traffic signal.

Salt Pond Shopping Center

Location: Narragansett, RI
Use: Shopping Center
Size: 175,000 sf

This major South County shopping center is located at the gateway to the state's most popular beaches. Situated at the strategic intersection of Woodruff and Point Judith Roads (Route 108) in the seaside community of Narragansett, the shopping center serves both a large and growing year-round community as well as a population that swells to more than triple the size in the summer months.

Anchored by a Super Stop & Shop supermarket at one end of the L-shaped strip and a big box retailer on the other, pedestrian convenience and access to smaller retailers is enhanced by the offset architectural gables that form an attractive, continuous roofline to create a covered walkway along the row of storefronts.

Mashpee Commons

Location: Mashpee, MA
Use: Retail
Size: 40,000 sf

Mashpee Place is a 16.44-acre parcel located slightly north of Mashpee's Pine Tree Rotary with primary access along Route 28 and additional frontage on Great Neck Road. It neighbors Mashpee Commons to the southeast.

Distinguished by traditional Cape Cod architectural design elements consistent with the surrounding community, the development was intended to be comprised of one large 30,000 sf anchor tenant and several smaller retail users.

Prior to construction, town fathers acquired the property for the value of the permitted site to preserve the parcel as open for the community creating a win-win for town and developer.

Mashpaug Commons Shopping Center

Location: Providence, RI
Use: Retail
Size: 80,000 sf

Built on the site of the former Gorham Manufacturing complex in the South Elmhurst section of the city, Mashpaug Commons is home to a Super Stop & Shop along with retail chain stores such as Hollywood Video, Only A Dollar and Popeye's Chicken. The site was once deemed so contaminated with pollutants from silver processing that many wondered whether the land could ever be reclaimed and used again.

After six years of effort and close collaboration with the City of Providence, the development became a reality for the betterment of an entire neighborhood. The company's infusion of nearly $300,000 in new trees and other landscaping give the center and its surrounds a park-like feel, which is expected to be enhanced by city plans to construct a 3.2-mile biking and hiking trail and a new YMCA facility at the site.

Lincoln Mall 

Location: Lincoln, RI
Use: Shopping Center
Size: 582,327 sf

This enclosed shopping mall is situated on the Washington Highway at the major intersection of Interstate 295 and Route 146 and serves the suburban communities directly north of Providence. Its revitalization included a major modernization and exterior facelift, including new roadways, entrances, signage, landscaping and parking configurations.

Re-tenanting began with the demolition and rebuilding of new anchor structures, including a new Stop & Shop supermarket with fueling station, and the development of free-standing perimeter pads for a full-service bank, restaurants and other retailers.

Grafton Shopping Center

Location: Grafton, MA
Use: Shopping Center
Size: 84,000 sf

A 62,000 sf Super Stop & Shop anchors this strip center married to a free-standing CVS Pharmacy pad. Chain and local retailers, including a Hollywood Video and David's Bridal, are just part of a well-balanced mix comprising an additional 22,000 sf of inline storefront.